Drive Revenue Faster As a Team

As the world's first Team Selling Platform, Prelay is built to optimize resource management and simplify your most complex deal processes.

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Turn Team Execution Into Revenue Insights

Manage deal complexities (e.g. POCs, Deal Desk, evals) in one purpose-built platform that integrates with your key software. Collect people and process data to optimize your end-to-end execution.


"Prelay helps streamline our complex evaluations across multiple teams. As a result, we're positioned to drive revenue faster than ever."

Tim Veil – Head of Sales Engineering, Cockroach Labs

"Prelay streamlines the sales tech stack and drives collaborative sales motion across the organization. Anyone with complex sales cycles needs to learn the Prelay method."

Weisen Li – Former VP of RevOps @ ActiveCampaign, Narvar, Box

“As our business grew, we lacked good visibility into the status of complex deals, including many six-figure opportunities. We saw a lot of value in Prelay as a centralized deal management platform."

Jennifer C. – VP of Revenue Operations and Enablement

“Prelay strengthens our alignment as a team and full org. Overall, using the product has helped us drive successful deal processes and accelerate revenue.”

"Prelay helps streamline our complex evaluations across multiple teams. As a result, we're positioned to drive revenue faster than ever."

Tim Veil – Head of Sales Engineering, Cockroach Labs

Level Up Your Deal Execution

No matter your industry or use case, Prelay ensures clear visibility and alignment throughout the deal lifecycle, so you can maximize your winning potential.

Evaluation Events (POCs, Trials, Pilots)

  • Hit goal scope dates & requirements with guided workflows
  • Collect critical discovery data throughout deal execution
  • Keep each stakeholder up-to-date on eval status

Deal Desk Requests

  • Optimize Deal Desk team utilization
  • Improve relationship & transparency with AEs, Legal, Finance
  • Establish, track, and speed up team deliverable SLAs

Product Specialist Requests

  • Maximize the impact & utilization of overlay teams
  • Improve transparency between specialists and AEs, SEs
  • Track deliverable SLAs and capacity planning

Opportunity Planning

  • Guide your team through complex engagements
  • Automatically loop in the right people at the right time
  • Arm your team with enablement material when they need it most

Our solution

Introducing the power of Prelay

Say goodbye to slow, disjointed deal coordination. Drive revenue faster with a simplified approach that leverages your full team.

2. Streamline Project & Resource Management

Stop forcing docs and sheets into use cases they weren't built to handle. Use a flexible deal interface to build repeatable playbooks, and automatically loop in the the right people, only when they're needed.

1. Centralize Deal Execution in a Purpose-Built Hub

Combat internal misalignment around deal deliverables. Replace endless email threads and Slack channels with a live, connected hub for deal coordination and communication.

3. Gain People & Process Insights in Your CRM, and Beyond

Collect and transform deal activity into data and insights. Assess people capacity, evaluation timelines, success rates, and more to keep deals on track, fueling real-time forecasts you can trust.

Where deal lanes converge

We fit into current workflows

Prelay provides native integrations with your key sales software out of the box to streamline workflows.

CRM Systems

Communication Tools

Workflow Software

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Companies across the globe are realizing the impact team selling can have on driving revenue. Learn how you can better leverage the full power of your team and start closing more deals faster, today.