Pairing People & Process for Enterprise Sales Success

Enterprise deals are complex, take longer, and involve multiple team members to close. They often include involvement from the legal or finance team, completing a security review, and/or running a POC or POV. That means it's even more important to make sure you're effectively pairing the right people resources and sales processes to increase your success rate.

Prelay's CEO, Gabriella DeFlorio, recently sat down with Modern Sales Pros' Taylor Kabeary to share actionable best practices that you can implement right now for more successful enterprise deals. In the following video, Gabriella shares everything from fundamentals and benchmarks through to the final process.

Topics Covered

  • First-principles of enterprise sales
  • Cause of issues
  • Basic, universal fixes
  • Ways to identify problems
  • Fixes for problems in your processes

Key Takeaways

  • Align value across the revenue team throughout the enterprise deal process
  • Constantly iterate on your processes. Challenge yourself on if you're running the best processes often as your team and company change.
  • Map out responsibilities and expectations across all teams to anticipate questions and misunderstands.
  • Pair understanding values and responsibilities with ownership and accountability
  • Remember that any tech you add to your process should be taking what you're doing to the next level. Confirm that it is by asking what more it can do for your process and for your people.

As you're setting up your enterprise sales processes, you'll want to make sure your toolset supports you along the way and builds on top. Reach out to our team to see how Prelay can fit in to further simplify and optimize your complex deals.


Team Prelay