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Our Solution

The First Purpose-Built Team Selling Platform

One delayed deliverable or missed evaluation can put your pipeline at risk. But, you'd never know it from your CRM. Prelay is purpose-built to align internal resources and processes across every deal stage, so you can scale revenue faster as a team.

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Revenue Operations

VP of RevOps, Sales Operations

  • Track team involvement throughout the deal process

  • Boost accountability with data-driven internal SLAs

  • Strengthen pre/post-sale handoffs for higher retention


Solutions & Sales Engineers, Architects, etc.

  • Drive standardization & efficiency of POCs, trials, pilots

  • Optimize team utilization across sales stages

  • Align internal stakeholders & buyers in one place

Deal Desk

Managers, Analysts; Systems & Strategy Lead

  • Optimize Deal Desk team utilization

  • Improve transparency with AEs, Legal, Finance

  • Establish, track, and speed up team deliverable SLAs

Overlay Teams

Product Specialists, SMEs, Solutions Architects

  • Maximize the impact & utilization of overlay teams

  • Improve transparency between product reps and AEs, SEs

  • Establish, track, and speed up team deliverable SLAs

Back Office

Legal, Finance, Security

  • Automate task assignment & resource allocation

  • Manage deliverables in a flexible, personalized dashboard

  • Sync Prelay deal reporting with key systems (e.g. RFP, CLM, CPQ)


VP of Sales, Head of Sales

  • Gain data on internal team blockers for forecasting

  • Drive successful evaluations & proof points

  • Engage internal stakeholders throughout deal process

Our Solution

The Status Quo Is Holding You Back

Siloed systems don't do your team justice. Deal needs, tasks, communications, and overall process fall through the cracks, leading to delayed execution and slippage.

How we do it

Where Deal Lanes Converge

With hybrid selling & distributed work on the rise, teams need greater deal visibility, collaboration, and overall reporting. Prelay aligns internal teams across every sales stage, in one connected deal orchestration environment.

Native integrations with Salesforce, Slack, MS Teams & more

Resource management
Project management
Reporting & dashboards

Our product

Meet Your Team's Deal Execution Layer

Resource Management

"Assists" tap internal resources at the right time throughout the deal process.

  • Deal Desk requests
  • Product Specialists
  • Legal, Security, Finance
  • & more

Project Management

"Plays" align stakeholders and complex processes in a flexible user interface.

  • Proof of concepts (POCs)
  • Managed trials & pilots
  • Opportunity planning
  • & more

Reporting & Dashboards

Prelay converts team activity into real-time insights that optimize your end-to-end execution.

  • Internal SLAs & bottlenecks
  • Team & player capacity
  • Current deal health
  • Reporting back to SFDC
  • & more


"Prelay helps streamline our complex evaluations across multiple teams. As a result, we're positioned to drive revenue faster than ever."

Tim Veil – Head of Sales Engineering, Cockroach Labs

"Prelay streamlines the sales tech stack and drives collaborative sales motion across the organization. Anyone with complex sales cycles needs to learn the Prelay method."

Weisen Li – Former VP of RevOps @ ActiveCampaign, Narvar, Box

“As our business grew, we lacked good visibility into the status of complex deals, including many six-figure opportunities. We saw a lot of value in Prelay as a centralized deal management platform."

Jennifer C. – VP of Revenue Operations and Enablement

“Prelay strengthens our alignment as a team and full org. Overall, using the product has helped us drive successful deal processes and accelerate revenue.”

"Prelay helps streamline our complex evaluations across multiple teams. As a result, we're positioned to drive revenue faster than ever."

Tim Veil – Head of Sales Engineering, Cockroach Labs

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