How LaunchDarkly Scales Deal Management to Meet Demand

The Cloud 100 leader was growing quickly. Its revenue team traded ad-hoc deal execution for purpose-built Team Selling.


With demand surging, LaunchDarkly’s revenue team tapped Prelay to streamline its deal management and reduce friction between RevOps, the field, and internal stakeholders. Now, greater visibility into deal deliverables helps managers identify bottlenecks and drive faster sales cycles.

About LaunchDarkly

  • Industry: Software - Feature Management
  • Founded: Oakland, CA
  • Company Size: 500+
  • Customers: 3,000+
  • Recognitions: Forbes Cloud 100, Enterprise Tech 30

Why Prelay

  • Centralized deal management
  • Communicate and coordinate in one place
  • Ease of inspection into team execution
  • Data-driven deliverables with SLA tracking
  • High-quality customer support

Addressing People & Process Gaps

Like many fast-scaling startups, LaunchDarkly was looking to standardize its deal process and overall buyer experience. Previously, deal resource coordination often spilled across multiple emails and Slack channels, with vital information going untracked (and soon forgotten). 

As the revenue team prepared a new deal management process, they needed to centralize request intake and collaboration with internal stakeholders. 

Capabilities such as Salesforce cases offered one option, but as a tool built for resolving customer issues, it was difficult to configure for internal deal management; it also lacked flexibility around live collaboration or real-time and aggregate reporting. Rather than build a tool in-house, the most viable option was to find a purpose-built solution.

  • “As our business grew, we lacked good visibility into the status of complex deals, including many six-figure opportunities. We needed to better track and standardize our team activity, and saw a lot of value in Prelay as a centralized deal management platform.” - Jennifer C., VP of Revenue Operations and Enablement
Conceptual view of Prelay's Team Selling Platform with deliverable tracking across sales stages.

Centralized Conversations and Deal Coordination

With Prelay, LaunchDarkly consolidates deal communication and coordination in one place. 

Reps can request a resource by creating an “Assist” via Slack, Chrome, or Salesforce. The deal management team then aligns with each stakeholder and easily updates Salesforce in real-time through Prelay’s collaboration tracking. The team also saves time day-to-day with Prelay’s flexible dashboards, real-time notifications, and built-in automation, which matches requests with the right team (e.g. legal, finance) and best available resource. 

Having a central deal history enables managers to track deliverable SLAs and response time, as well as easily inspect a live deal to review past activity and assess potential risks.

  • “Previously, all those requests over Slack and email were unstructured data, which means they were unreportable. If someone was tapped with an action, they had to scroll forever to reach the latest deal information, if they ever found it." - David Z., Revenue Systems & Strategy Lead
  • “We’ve heard very encouraging feedback that Prelay is easy to use. The platform helps build our relationship with the field, making it easy to be clearer in our communications with reps and increase transparency throughout the deal process." - Mickey L., Deal Support Analyst
Prelay integrates with Slack and Salesforce. Our native collaboration tracking provides live deal health scores.

Using Team Insights to Drive Improvement

As more deal activity is tracked in Prelay, LaunchDarkly can use this data to improve its end-to-end execution. Team leaders can evaluate resource utilization throughout a deal’s lifecycle, going beyond high-level sales stage data in Salesforce.

Managers can also drill into deliverables that may span multiple stages, and identify slow turnarounds or pricing trends that routinely block deals.

  • “In the past, there was no way to measure how long it took for deal requests to get picked up. This made it hard to keep anybody accountable to any SLAs.” - Annissa H., Senior Deal Desk Analyst
  • “The fact that we can pull Salesforce dashboards based on open deal deliverable bottlenecks solved a lot of visibility issues. Without Prelay, I don’t think our deal management could have scaled like it did. As request volumes grow, companies will need Prelay to manage resources in a structured & reportable way.” - David Z., Revenue Systems & Strategy Lead

Overall, LaunchDarkly’s streamlined deal management is improving coordination across teams, helping to close deals more quickly and eliminate potential slippage.

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